Wes Green - Mandolin, Guitar, Clawhammer Banjo, Vocals

I had piano lessons when I was six for about a year. At eleven I started teaching myself guitar and started private lessons when I was about thirteen. It was on Bob Dylan’s first album that I first heard finger-style guitar and I was amazed at the possibilities. I played in a guitar trio in high school doing covers of Kingston Trio type songs;  it was the time of the folk revival. I played 5-string banjo in that group briefly until college broke us up.

I took up fiddle while in graduate school and played in a country-folk band while in California. I was making pottery in Texas when I found the mandolin and the local bluegrass community. Since that time I have worked to make the mandolin my main performance instrument.

Working with several different bands over the years has given me opportunity to travel over most of the US. I have worked in British Colombia and Ontario Canada, as well as Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. I have made close to 20 albums with the bands I have been in, and worked in sessions with producers such as Lloyd Maines, Lars Goransson, and the Eastside Flash.

Teaching private lessons remains an enjoyable and interesting adjunct to performing. I value the interaction with the students and having the opportunity to watch them grow as musicians. While mandolin is still my main instrument for performing, I am comfortable teaching mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and ukulele. I have taught 5-string and bass guitar in the past and would be available for these as well as bouzouki, charango, and most other fretted instruments. I have studied privately with Will Taylor and Paul Glasse and had instruction from such professionals as Jethro Burns, Chris Thile, John Moore, Bill Monroe and others. I feel that these artists have contributed to my success as a teacher and a performer.

Wes is also a member of Mark Jungers and the Whistling Mules, Danny Santos y los Bluegrass Vatos and the High Stakes Rollers, and The Piney Grove Ramblers Band.

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